WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope Review

“The secret to mastering double unders once and for all

If you have been struggling to string together multiple double unders its likely due to one of these reasons
1. you’ve been using someone elseÍs jump rope or a rope at your gym
2. youÍve been using a jump rope with inferior speed
3. you’re not consistently practicing with the same rope

If you’ve been watching your friends string together multiple double unders and RX WODs while you still struggle, now is the time to buy your own rope! Stop using the kinked and broken ropes that everyone else uses and that donÍt fit you. With a clip of a wire cutter, this rope will be custom fit to YOU and only you which means that every time you see double unders come up in a WOD you will not be guessing how your rope will handle.

The WOD Nation speed rope was made by a CrossFit athlete specifically for mastering double unders. This rope is not a toy like many others for sale on Amazon. We use ballistic plastic handles to house lightening speed metal bearings for effortless and controlled spin. The rope is topped off with a metal extension spindle with an eyeball bearing tip that reacts to cable adjustments from the first double under to the hundredth and beyond.

This rope is for you if:
– you are serious about nailing consecutive double unders
– you are a committed athlete that wants crush your previous WOD times
– you’re sick of doing 3 or 4 times as many singles for every double under

WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope already available” WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope Review

4000 calories a day Meal Plan

“In this video I am going to show you how I eat little bit over 4000 calories a day and introduce you my clean bulk meal plan, which consists of 6 meals!

Do you want to build muscle but you don´t know your calorie maintenance level? Never mind! Start 4000 calorie bulk!

1st meal:

It is nothing more than a post workout shake without protein powder and some healthy fruits packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is fluid so it can be easily digested. I recommend to drink it straight away after your work out.

2nd meal:

Lentils and veggies. I prefer to cook this meal, because it is packed with proteins and carbs which you need the most after your work out and it takes less than 10 minutes to prepare it.

3rd meal:

Olive oil to build muscle mass? Exactly! It is quite fast and practical to drink 100 ml of it while builking. It is one of the most calorie dense foods on the planet.

4th meal:

Here I just pretty much make a variation of the second meal. This food contains the prevalent amount of my daily calorie intake.

5th meal:

Here I like to snack onto a chocolate bar or even better – dark chcolate (75% and more is better). After that I drink my flaxseed oil rich in omega 3´s.

6th meal:

This meal is full of casein – slow releasing protein and some carbs from bananas.

This was my whole daily meal plan in 3 minutes!

I hope you could see and understand how easy it is to eat 4000 calories a day! I hope, you enjoyed this video and and see you in the next one!”4000 calories a day Meal Plan

Athletic Greens Review<

“Have you heard of Athletic Greens? If so, you are probably wondering how to secure a free trial offer – click on this link to visit the website where you can receive your sample pack from Athletic Greens for free! There is no obligation, you can receive the sample and never have to buy another product, we just want you to be able to try the superfood drink that is sweeping the nation!” Athletic Greens Review

Skinny Fat Solution Fitness Program Review

“Hi there I am doing a Skinny Fat Solution Review so you know what it involves.
It is a fabulous guide for successful toning and chiseling of my body which has helped improve self-esteem, especially after having two kids. You can use Skinny Fat Solution to lose weigh because it is a comprehensive guide that will effectively lead you to succeed in this manner. Not only that but you can also use skinny fat solution to build muscle.
This guide will change the way you think about getting in shape forever, you’ll learn the strategies.”
Skinny Fat Solution Fitness Program Review

SKLZ 6X Footwork and Agility 6x Training Hurdle Fitness Gear

“For speed, agility and plyometric drills, it’s hard to beat hurdles. That’s why these all-purpose hurdles are designed to stand up to the biggest beatings and heaviest athletes. Lightweight, durable and featuring bounce-back construction, they come in packs of six.

Highly durable, multi-directional speed, agility and plyometric hurdles
Bounce-back construction
Superior, one-piece twist design
Lightweight, durable and easy to store
Includes six 6-inch hurdles, carry bag and usage guide
For More Information or to Buy, Check Out SKLZ 6X Footwork and Agility 6x Training Hurdle At”
SKLZ 6X Footwork and Agility 6x Training Hurdle Fitness Gear

Cardio Training: Workout to Fast Fat Loss, Biggest Loser Weight 61′ Fitness

“Cardio Training: Workout to Fast Fat Loss, Biggest Loser Weight 61′ Fitness

Lose Weight with the best training about Fat Loss, this is a super indicate for Tae Bo

Tae Bo is the master of Fat loss and Lose Weight.

Weight loss and conquer your perfect body with Tae Bo Exercises”Cardio Training: Workout to Fast Fat Loss, Biggest Loser Weight 61′ Fitness

Massive Back Workout!

“This video shows a full back workout routine. This video contains footage of 7 different exercises. Within these back exercises we performed 5 sets, 15 – 20 reps with only 1 to 1.5 minutes in between sets.

The entire back workout took roughly 1.5 hours. The back exercises that were performed were:

* Close grip rows
* Lat Pulldowns
* Revers grip rows
* Dumbbell rows
* Wide Grip Machine rows
* Rope pulldowns and rope rows which were super sets with each other.”
Massive Back Workout!