10 Tech Websites Every Geek Should Know in 2020!

10 Tech Websites Every Geek Should Know in 2020!

These are 10 technology websites that every geek or tech enthusiast should know about this year. If you’re interested in technology, we consider these to be some of the best and most useful websites available covering several categories.

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0:05 Tech News, Reviews and Analysis
0:41 Compare Benchmarking Results
1:22 Computer Hardware Selection
2:13 Tech Articles and How-Tos for Geeks
2:32 Free Fixit Guides
3:03 Source Code Examples
3:46 Git Repository Hosting Service
4:25 Tech News, Articles and Buyers Guides
4:55 Tutorials for Do-It-Yourself Projects
5:32 Bug Bounty Platform

Ars Technica
How-To Geek
Planet Source Code
Tom’s Hardware



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